Simple Changes you can apply to Prepare for Pregnancy

Planning for pregnancy is lifestyle changing. You will most probably deviate from your usual habit and stick to a strict, healthy diet to have the perfect vessel for the soon-to-be baby inside of you. The reproductive system must be in tiptop condition to conceive. It is clear that you have to stop taking birth control when you decided to add a little one to the family. Consult your physician regarding this matter. The kind of birth control you do can influence how soon you can conceive.


A Safe and Healthy Pregnancy

Discontinuing your birth control can result in two outcomes: one, you can quickly start to ovulate or two, there is a possibility that you won’t ovulate for some months. If you experience the second one, do not be unnerved so quickly. Allow your body the time to adjust and resume to its regular monthly cycle. Your doctor removed the IUD if you are using one? You will be ready to get pregnant once the IUD is removed from you. You can quickly stop using condom or spermicide to prepare your body for pregnancy if these are the contraceptives you were using.

Your diet can influence your body’s health and how it functions. It is advisable to follow a nutritional and healthy diet to ready your body for pregnancy. Your diet should mainly consist of lots of vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Choosing organic food is also a must so you can minimize the danger of ingesting pesticides and toxins found in mass produced food.

Preparing for pregnancy is the best time for you to get your ideal body. There is a possibility of C-section procedure to take place if you are either under or over weight. A body that is underweight will most probably produce a low birth weight baby. It is a necessity to follow a strict well-balanced diet so you can supply the baby with its needed vitamins and nutrients to grow healthy in your womb.

Exercising is an excellent method to enhance fertility, but it may not be good if you overdo it. By working out, your body will become healthier, and it will promote a good blood circulation. You will also have a better sleeping habit and lesser stress if you exercise. On the other hand, too much exercise can lead to lower your fertility and interfere with your ovulation by disrupting your normal hormones. Men’s fertility can also be affected by too much exercise. Your partner should steer clear of bike riding, jogging, or another kind of workout that could restrict the testicles.

Most specialists suggest couple planning to be a parent should take folic acid, three months before you try to get pregnant. There have been studies showing that folic acid can reduce the possibility of congenital disabilities like spina bifida. Ask your doctor about the correct dosage before you start taking it.


Things to Avoid while trying to Conceive

It is better for you to keep away from chemical products and toxins while trying to get pregnant as these toxins have effects on both male and female fertility. You should avoid pesticides and cleaning items. Activities like arts and crafts and interior decorating events should be put on hold while trying to conceive.

During pregnancy, you are allowed to exercise as long as it does not put too much stress on your body. Many physicians are in agreement that you should continue exercising while pregnant if your body is already used to it. But if you are trying to get pregnant and is the only beginner at working out, it is best to stick to not-so-stressful exercises like walking, yoga, and cycling.

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